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Martin Jooste. M.Eng (Mineral Resource Risk Management)

Martin Jooste has been in the mining industry for over 25 years and held the position
of Mineral Resources Manager, Survey Manager and Manager Open Pit Workings
at various mining companies; he has over sixteen years opencast and sixteen years
underground mining experience. His areas of expertise range from survey, planning,
environmental, surface mining and resource management.
His field of knowledge in mine planning and resource expansion includes feasibility
studies and justification of projects and “Life of Mine” planning scenarios.
He is knowledgeable on Corporate Governance, MPRDA (Mineral and Petroleum
Resources Development Act), Due Diligence and legal issues pertaining to the
broader Survey and Mineral Resource Management functions. He has worked on
varies commodities including Coal, Gold, Platinum and Diamonds.
He is a registered “Competent Person” (Required by Mining legislation) with
PLATO as a professional mine surveyor Pr MS (SA) No MS055, also a requirement
under the SAMREC code and a requirement for Corporate Governance. He holds a NHD in mine surveying, the MSCC (Mine Surveyors Certificate of
Competence) with the department of minerals and energy, GDE (Graduate Diploma
in Engineering at Wits University) and a Masters degree in Mining Engineering at
Wits University school of mines specializing in Risk Management for open/surface
mining operations and also in Mineral Resource Management, mining and
environmental related fields

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